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"... a 10 minute walk along beautiful and safe canals leads you to the Canada Water complex with huge Super market, cinema and restaurants (including the homy Vietnamese one!). The old salt Quay pub by the river is a brilliant place for Sunday brunch or a pint looking at the river to get one's mind off work."

by someone who lived @ London, SE16 5GA

"...noisy but happy students and city boys who crawl the streets in loud manner chanting songs. It's great if you enjoy the party lifestyle. not so great if you like a bit of quietness or clean environment. even from a London perspective the area is quite often fully hammered with litter."

by someone who lived @ London, E1 7TQ

"Think of the entire court of William and Mary moving residence to b close to the Royal Palace of Kensignton in the 17th century and it would give you an idea how aristocratic the residences look like here."

by someone who lived @ London, W8 4AG

"'s about 20-25mins walk from Angel Upper street which is a great place to go for shopping, dinner or drinks. On the other hand, the north side of the area is slightly dodgy and one could question its safety"

by someone who lived @ London, N7 9RN

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